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Adventure Together in Central California

What We Do


These are a sampling of our favorite trips. The key characteristics are:

1) Remote, 2) Fun, 3) Beautiful 4) Engaging and 5) Challenging.


This is our annual July canoe camping trip.  Canoeing prowess isn't required.  But be prepared to have a great time with great people.

Enjoying Camp Fire

About Us

Wouldn’t it be great to have a group of friends to adventure with? Now, imagine that they are flexible and cooperative.


The Adventure Team is a group of diverse, compatible, fun, entertaining, intrepid outdoor enthusiasts. We share skills, techniques, equipment and stories that help each other learn and refine a safe, comfortable and fun outdoor style. Everyone that participates on our trips is encouraged to adopt a relatively light packing style.


It’s a balance between 1) lightening your backpack, 2) bringing at least the minimum safe gear and 3) bringing your favorite luxury items. Think of a balance between enjoying your time on the trail and indulging in camp.

"A" Team Folks Say

Matty D.jpg
The Adventure Team has reshaped how I view backpacking and the mountain experience. The AT has that family feel with a lot more diversity and interesting personalities/perspectives. Cooking together, visiting about life, laughing, swimming, exploring...all make me grateful for the good people on this planet.

Matt L

Camping in Mountains


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