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Adventures in Central California



These are a sampling of our favorite trips. The key characteristics are 1) Remote, 2) Fun, 3) Beautiful 4) Engaging and 5) Challenging.


These trips include Loop, Lollypop and Daytrips from camp. We have a variety of destination elevations to allow us to adventure throughout the year. It often takes extra effort to get to these locations but we find they are worth it.


Beautiful, interesting places without competing with the hordes.

AT Groundrules

  • Volunteer Leader(s) strive to make decisions in the best interest of group safety and comfort.

  • Participants are responsible for monitoring each other and recognizing hazards/issues.

  • Participants stay together as a group (stop at junctions, etc.)

  • Participants remain close enough to see the person in front and back of them when traveling as a group.

  • Decide on and communicate the on-trail-time for the next morning.

  • The group may need to adjust pace or plans.  All changes are communicated to the leader and accepted by the group - plans may change a few times each day.

  • The AT is a Leave No Trace group (carry in -carry out; walk and camp lightly on the land).

  • Explain plans for breaks (base and height of rises, lunch, water, etc)

  • Explain what to do if a member gets separated from the group – this depends on the location, plan for the day and the members’ abilities.

Panamint City

West of Death Valley

Time of Year: Winter

Difficulty: Hard hike in

Distance: 5.5 miles

Elevation: 4,000 gain

Weather: Sun, rain, sleet or snow

Water: Plenty of great water

Hazards: Snakes, flash floods, cold nights, Hanta virus


Stanislaus NF - Carson-Iceberg and Emigrant Wilderness

Time of Year: Summer

Difficulty: Varies

Distance: 6 to 10 miles per day

Elevation:  7,000 to 11,000 ft

Weather: Afternoon thundershowers, wind

Water:  Good supply

Hazards: Off trail sections


Sespe Hot Springs

Los Padres National Forest

Time of Year: Early Spring or Fall

Difficulty: Hard to Moderate depending on route

Distance: 20 miles or 12 miles with steepness



Water:  Water source is minerally/chalky

Hazards: Heat, rattle snakes, steep slopes

IMG_20180618_101717 (1).jpg

IVA Bell Hot Springs

John Muir Wilderness

Time of Year: Summer

Difficulty: Hard

Distance: 35 miles roundtrip

Elevation: 11,000' to 7,000'

Weather: Variable

Water:  Plenty

Hazards:  River crossing, mosquitos

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